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How This Brother Duo Managed to Bag INR 100K in Monthly revenues in their first quarter of operations

Author: Team Zailet

Satjeet Singh Bedi (Core Finance Professional) and Govindeep Singh Kandhari, both, are now, well-known startup entrepreneurs with the start and success of their startup venture

Bookmychotu started in the month of January 2016 soon after the founders pivoted their initial grocery app business into this helper booking platform.

BookMyChotu is a Delhi NCR based on demand helper booking service. The company offers general helpers for cleaning, shifting, market help, deliveries etc at INR 90 per hour. It serves both B2B and B2C segment.

Facing a dozen contradictions and mixed reviews on the name Chotu , this duo has seen nothing but success so far.

"We got so many emails , facebook messages , twitter posts etc saying not so good things about the name . Few related the name to their nick name / pet names where the other said that we are doing child labor , but we were always patient and tried to enhance our service rather than solving tensions around these comments because we were neither promoting child labor nor we had any intentions to hurt anybody's sentiments" , Said Satjeet Singh Bedi (Founder and CEO).

"Our team is always focused on service delivery and better customer experience", added satjeet.

Cool name, energetic team, brilliant concept are the right words to describe this startup. With a simple website and a reasonable sound backend team, these entrepreneurs have proved that success of a startup does not depend on huge investor money, heavy cash burns and unnecessary marketing.

"We have managed to get bookings through word of mouth and repeat orders and this has played a significant role in our growth so far" said Govindeep Singh Kandhari (Founding Team, Marketing and Strategy).

In a detailed conversation with the Founders Satjeet and Govindeep we understood their vision to take this company big was unlike most of the startups in this space who generally want to attract customers by giving discounts rather than quality service.

"I have never seen Microsoft, apple, Gmail, Google etc advertising heavily or giving discounts to me to use their products. I Like their service and use their products because they give me the right quality service at the right price" added Satjeet Singh Bedi (CEO).


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